Mr Blobby Noel Edmonds 90s TV Unisex Vintage Throwback T-Shirt - Timeless Tees

Mr Blobby Noel Edmonds 90s TV Unisex Vintage Throwback Homage T-Shirt

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If you just so happen to be looking for a Mr Blobby t-shirt then you've come to the right place. This vintage style throwback t-shirt makes a great gift and is perfect for any fans of the one and only Mr Blobby.

Originally appearing on Noel’s House Party, Mr Blobby became an overnight success. In the early nineties he was everywhere - on the tv, on the radio, there was merchandise in shops and they even had Mr Blobby theme parks. His rise soon came to an end but he still makes the occasional tv appearance to this day.

Our super soft tees won’t disappoint, made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton and with taped neck and shoulders, seamless collar and a nice standard fit, they’re a perfect little treat for yourself or someone special. Reminisce and pay homage to past and present icons with a Timeless retro graphic tee.